Black Excellence: Tristan Walker

“Both his company and his nonprofit are focused on issues affecting people of colour” -Time Magazine

Tristan Walker is the founder and CEO of a successful black owned business, Walker & Company, where a lot of their success is due to the popularity of a specific product; The Bevel Razor.

Bevel is a shaving kit geared towards people with coarse, curly hair and sensitive skin. Tristan Walker found a gap in the health and beauty market and created a product that targets issues, such as razor bumps, that men of colour struggle with when shaving.

The razor has attracted the attention of recording artists, such as DJ Khalid and Nas where in the track “Nas Album Done” Nas references The Bevel Razor and the impact Tristan’s success has on the Black community:

“The racial economic inequality, let’s try to solve it
My signature fade with the Bevel blade
That’s a major key.

He has been named a USA Today Person of the Year in 2014, Ebony Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful People list, Vanity Fair’s “Next Establishment,” Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, AdAge Creative 50, The Hollywood Reporter’s Digital Power 50, and Black Enterprise’s 40 Next.


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