Culture & Celebration: Curlfest

Annually, The Curly Girl Collective host a festival in celebration of self-love in the afro-caribbean community with the primary focus on natural hair. Since the first year of its commencement three years ago, curlfest has proved to be a successful way of bringing together a community of natural hair lovers from all across the world and from various communities. Women and men tend come to curlfest with their natural hair out and flourishing, while everyone in attendance gets to enjoy all the creative ways the beauty of kinky-curly hair can be styled and expressed. Curlfest can be seen as a positive way for people with kinky-curly hair to combat the negative images and messages that circulate the media around natural hair. Curlfest brings together a community of people who reject the mainstream beauty standards placed on kinky-curly hair and empowers everyone to love how they are naturally.


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